Knee Trouble? You Can Count on a Memory Foam Mattress

Your knees take a lot of abuse in a single day. Without the proper rest and time to replenish, you may eventually suffer from discomfort or pain in your knees.

It may sound odd but a good mattress can help your knees get the relaxation they need to function well and lower or eliminate your pain level.


What Memory Foam Can Do for Your Knees

A memory foam mattress is your secret weapon in the fight against knee pain. The wrong mattress that doesn’t ease or exacerbates the pain in your kneescan disrupt your sleep.


Memory foam works its magic by supporting your knees in firm, pillowy comfort. It takes the pressure off of your hips and shoulders too to further ease joint pain and discomfort. You can also add a memory foam pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side. The pillow gives your knees another layer of cushion, puts your hips into better alignment and molds directly to the shape of your knee. Unlike a pillow filled with batting, a memory foam pillow is dense enough that it doesn’t collapse under the weight of your knee.


If a new mattress isn’t in the budget right now, look into getting a memory foam topper to put on your current mattress. It’s a cheaper option than a new mattress and your knees will still thank you for thinking of them.

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